Grief Counselling

Three years ago I made a personal decision to confront & survive the crippling effects of grief after the loss of my husband, I had lost my parents 2 years prior. This intentional journey saved my life when I couldn’t find a reason to go on. I had to grant myself the Permission To Grieve & that is were your journey will begin.

Grief is the natural human response to loss of any kind. We have all experienced it to some extent, but when we lose a person, grief finds it’s fullest expression. It is unpredictable & complex that is why it demands a deliberate process in order to overcome it.

This 6 week program will afford you a safe space to confront your loss with a step by step process that is aimed at leading you on a recovery path. Whilst your life will never be the same again, you can learn to live differently. By the end of this journey I’ll invite you to trade in your pain for the lasting memory of your loved one. When this happens you will discover the benefits of pain when it has been processed well.

Heal with me.

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